March 13, 2013 Spring has sprung and a

March 13, 2013

Spring has sprung and a new, exciting initiative has sprouted in KW! The Urban Gardening Project, the newest Transition KW sub-group, held its first meeting at the Rock Spa on March 6th.

At the meeting, over 30 gardening enthusiasts exchanged ideas and discussed how to best share the benefits of urban gardening with the residents of our region.


The first meeting of the Urban Gardening Project.

The group is an initiative of Transition KW in partnership with the Waterloo Region Time Exchange. Members are already planning to start seedlings together, share garden space, volunteer at local farms and create permaculture oases in their own backyards.

Four sub-groups will be responsible for the bulk of the work done by this budding initiative:

House to House Gardening:

Folks with gardens will pool labour to assist each other with garden chores, making gardening more fun, less work and growing community connections.

Backyard Sharing:

Folks with excess garden space will share it with those in need of garden space, making fresh, home-grown food more accessible to people in the community. This group will use the already-established KW Urban Harvester online map tool to facilitate garden sharing.

Crop Mobbing:

Mobs of eager volunteers will descend on local farms, assisting them with planting, weeding, harvesting, etc. This group will hopefully bring a lot of energy and community spirit to KW area farmers who need a few extra hands.


These folks will use the power of permaculture to transform each other’s yards into oases of food production, ecological value and wildlife habitat.

The Urban Gardening Group is looking for new members to join us this growing season! All four sub-groups are open to new members and all are welcome, no matter what their level of gardening skill.

For more information or to get involved, please email Transition KW.

Written by Kristi Mahy

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