Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit – July Project Update

We held 5 focus groups at the end of June and early part of July, where we brought together local experts for each of the following impact areas:

  • Water Resources
  • Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Human Health
  • Energy
  • Food and Agriculture

These were animated, fun, lively discussions, and we really learned a lot from them. At the moment, we are in data analysis mode. What did we learn from these focus groups? What are the key things we need to communicate through this toolkit? Natalie from Common Thread Consulting is helping us answer these questions, and was the facilitator of the focus groups. We’ll post the results here when we get them.

As Natalie does the data analysis, Kara and I (the project managers) are thinking about how to proceed with writing the toolkit. How do we get a team of 8 people to work on one document, and have things go smoothly? So I put this request out to the internet at large – what are your group document-creating experiences, how did they work, and how were they managed?

We also need to be putting thought into the various audiences that this toolkit is going towards, and how we appeal to each. Youth, families, adults, seniors, new-to-town-ers, etc. They all have their own needs, understanding, and desires – how do we make this applicable to multiple groups?

Comments welcomed! Or email us at transitiontoolkit [at] gmail [dot] com.

Or come chat with us in person – we’re holding a drop-in information session on the toolkit on August 14, 7-9pm, at Misty Mountain Cafe, 33 Queen Street South, Kitchener. Come on by and ask some questions!

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