Open Streets Uptown Waterloo & World Accord’s Cycle for Sustainability

World Accord hosted a range of sustainability-focused organizations and businesses at “Open Streets Uptown Waterloo” this Sunday. Before our presence at Open Streets, World Accord hosted a fundraising “Cycle for Sustainability“, where cyclists did a 10, 25 or 50km bike route, that visited different sustainable businesses and organic farms. You might be asking why an organization (World Accord) that does development projects in South America and Asia would care about promoting sustainability at home. They summed it up as follows (paraphrasing here): as citizens of the “developed” world, we take more than our share, so we need to do our part to reduce consumption so that other people in the world can start to have a better standard of life. This cycle was to help inspire more people to live with less. I think that’s a brilliant way to be inspired to use less – to do it for others halfway around the world.

Back to Open Streets, the City of Waterloo has been closing off the uptown part of King Street a few times per year so that cyclists and walkers can enjoy the street and the community. We were there, in addition to musical acts, cafes on the streets, and local businesses. If you haven’t checked one of these events out yet, you should!

With the gorgeous day we had, we had a chalk survey of environmentally friendly actions that people do now, and a craft for kids where they could make bird feeders out of recyclable materials.

Thanks to Open Streets Uptown Waterloo and World Accord for hosting us – we look forward to doing this next year!


Diana & Josh with our poster!



What do you to do help the environment – our chalk poll

And for some more interactivity off of the pavement – you can participate in that poll here!

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