Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit – August Project Update

Since I last wrote about the climate change adaptation toolkit, we have gained two new toolkit writers, and begun the writing of the toolkit. We spent much of the month hashing out what kind of layout would make the most sense, and assembling all the potential actions into a master spreadsheet that has labels for additional criteria, like the impact area (water resources, transportation, energy, etc.), season, and additional resources. Also, our facilitator finished writing the report synthesizing the learnings from the focus group, and though it is still being finalized before it can be submitted to our funders, it has given us a solid base for which to base the actions that will go into our toolkit.

We’re plugging away at writing the toolkit, and hoping to get a draft together by the first week of October, an ambitious goal. In the second or third week of October, we’re hoping to run a focus group that will test the draft toolkit, and from there make refinements. If all goes well, this could be going to printing in December!

But that brings us to our main stumbling block at the moment: someone to get this document ready for printing. We currently don’t have any volunteers for graphics design. If you know someone who would be great for this job, let us know. If you’re someone with an eye for design, want to build a graphics design portfolio, and/or a desire to learn the craft, we are willing to make this your learning experience, and have access to some resources to help you learn more. So get in touch with us if you’re interested in being our graphics designer by emailing transitiontoolkit [at] gmail [dot] com.  And that’s the email where you can get in touch with us about this project overall, if you have suggestions or ideas .

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