My Trip to Europe.

I went to England and Spain with my Mum this August. It was great to see all my cousins and friends again and now I am 12 I really enjoyed the experience (I went 5 years ago but don’t remember a lot). I loved London – it was such a cool place.  I enjoyed visiting castles and learning about history.  Spain was beautiful and the food was great.

It was interesting to see the differences between Europe and Canada.  Europe was a lot louder with many more people all around.

Another thing my Mum and I noticed was the everyday green initiatives and practices.

There were tons of solar panels everywhere.  We were told that many new houses built in England today have solar panels on their roofs. A friend of my grandpa was asked by a small energy company to “rent” her roof for solar panels and in return she doesn’t have to pay for her electricity. That’s a great idea.

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Every home we visited had 3 big bins – one for garbage, one for recycling and one for organic waste. Everyone used all 3 which is very different to my street in Kitchener where only 3 people put out their green bins. All our friends and family either grew their own veggies or had fruit trees in the garden – I ate so many fresh apples!!

I loved going out into the countryside. It was so green and pretty. All the fields were fairly small and had hedgerows. That was nice because I saw lots of birds and butterflies. My mum told me that hedgerows help to conserve wild life and help reduce pollution and regulate water.

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As we flew into Spain I saw hundreds of wind turbines in the mountain area. In the town we stayed, everyone walked instead of drove. The lighting in the washrooms in restaurants and shops was on sensors so automatically turned off on its own. People seemed to be a lot more laid back and relaxed and spent more time hanging out with family and friends .  I liked that.

I heard that the Transition idea started in Europe. I can see that – people just seem to live a more greener life and spend more time together than here.  I hope that this type of living grows here in Canada.  That would be good for all of us.

Nicole, aged 12.

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Me and a new friend!          Village library in a phone box!

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  • Good stuff, Nicole. Thanks for sharing your vacation memories. Makes me want to hop on a plane.

  • Angel

    You’re right Nicole, more than 50% of our electricity in Spain comes from renewable energy sources (wind, solar and hydraulic, mainly)

    ¿Practicaste tu Español?