Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit – October Project Update

Our small but dedicated group of toolkit creators has been really busy throughout September and October! All of September was spent getting our toolkit draft to the point where it could be presented to an audience. Our goal was to have a focus group to test a draft version of our toolkit in the second week of October. Our other goal was to recruit a graphics designer to make this project look fantastic. I am very happy to say that we have achieved both of these goals!

At this point, we have 4 sections that contain actions, plus a section for resources. There is an introduction, followed by Your Home (stuff to do inside your place of residence), Around Your Home (your yard, your driveway, your balcony), Getting Around (transportation), and In Your Community (for you as a member of the community, and for a community group). We have actions in each of these sections, resources for more information on the actions, and rankings for each action in terms of time (effort) and cost. We even have some mock-up versions of all of this text done by our graphics designer, and it looks schmancy! We don’t want to release too much yet while we’re still working on things, so you’ll have to hold on and wait to see it, sorry!

We held a focus group on Wednesday October 16 with 9 attendees, who were very helpful at identifying where we could improve, and did not hesitate to be very critical – thanks so much to those attendees! Our focus group facilitator put together a summary of the findings from that focus group, and after discussing it with our group of toolkit writers and designers, we have a whole new range of things to work on for the next few months. We want to gather stories from around the community of folks who have implemented our actions, we want to try to group actions in a checklist format by “type” of person (like homeowner vs. tenant), and most of all, we want to work on making our language simpler and more direct.

There’s still room to weigh in and get involved. If you have any comments, feedback, or if you want to join our team, contact us at

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  • Thanks for sharing Sylvie, we are together at the “Transition Training”, it is great to see another T group working on toolkits…I’ll bring this idea to our group and see what we can do. There are many (toolkits) out there, but I guess the idea is to develop something for the specific needs of that community. Cheers from BC.