KW’s First Repair Cafe!

RC 24

Working on a lamp – successfully repaired!

Some successful repairs were made at our Repair Cafe yesterday, and lots of people went home happy. Things were kept that would have otherwise been thrown out. We were prepared to receive electrical appliances, computers, furniture, clothing and toys – and we got a little bit of each, except actually for the computers. Things went really well for a first event, and so we will do it again. At this time, we want to do one every 2 months, with the next one being in January. Want to be involved as a repairer, promoter or organizer? Get in touch with us! There isn’t really much more to say about the event… so here are some pictures!!

RC 17

An ice cream maker successfully repaired, and a happy customer!

RC 11

Some repairers that took apart a big screen TV to see if it could be repaired, unfortunately the root of the problem was not found.

RC 2

In the clothing section – lots of successful repairs there!

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