Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit – November Project Update

We are getting so close to January – our anticipated printing time!!! In October we had a focus group to test the toolkit. We then sent out the toolkit draft to the community of “experts” who previously advised us on the content of the toolkit, and asked for their reviews. Using all that information, we set to work editing the document and creating new content. We have been in brainstorming and writing mode all November, culminating in a marathon copy-editing session this past Saturday. Phew!

We would like to focus on creating flyers and promotional materials to accompany the toolkit, that would have action lists for specific groups of people (like “top 5 actions to take as a tenant”, etc.). However, we would need some more money to do this. We have applied to the City of Kitchener’s Environmental Improvement Grant, and are hoping that that comes through!

Overall, not too much to report! We do hope to be printing the toolkits in January, though we still need to go more rounds of edits, like one round of edits specifically for English-as-a-second-language readers. So we will continue working on those edits all December. And hopefully, if we get the time, can start figuring out the logistics of distribution. If anyone has ideas or input on that side of the project, please contact us! Transitiontoolkit [at] gmail [dot] com.

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