TransitionKW 2013 recap

Transition KW 2013

Does it happen to you that you are working on a project and you feel like you’re not progressing fast enough? Well, it does happen to me, and in those cases it’s always a good idea to stop and acknowledge the goals that you already have achieved. That’s why I want to use this week’s post to recap some projects and activities that Transition KW has done in 2013.

  • Movie Nights: During 2013 we had three seasons of our Movie Night Series (thanks to our friends of REEP). In the first season we screened movies such as Fierce Light or The Economics of Happiness while in our second and third seasons we screened Gasland, Dive and Shift, among others. These movies gave us the opportunity to meet new people and some of them became transitioners. On top of that, one of the movies, First Earth, helped to promote a new project: a Cob Construction Committee was created and the first meeting took place two weeks ago!
  • Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit: We received a grant from the Region of Waterloo to help us to prepare this adaptation toolkit. As Sylvie wrote last week, we are almost done with editing the document and, starting in January, we will focus on preparing promotional material. Hopefully, the first toolkits will be printed by the end of January, we are pretty excited about this project!
  • Transition families: This sub-group of TransitionKW was created to bring together families interested in low-carbon living. Many different activities took place during 2013 from bat hiking at the Huron Natural Area of Kitchener, to tree planting and helping with the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean-up around SilverLake at WaterlooPark.
  • Repair Café: In partnership with KWArtzLab in Kitchener, this idea was originated in the Netherlands and it has rapidly spread around the world. The purpose of the Repair Café is to help people to repair all kind of stuff (from electrical appliances to clothes) thus giving a second chance to things that would have been thrown away otherwise. We had our first Repair Café in November but hopefully it will continue during 2014, stay tuned!.
  • Other activities: We teamed with Queen Street Yoga to talk about climate change after Yoga practice and we participated in Tit-for-Tat’s clothing swap.
  • Social media: Our Facebook page, Twitter account, Google Groups and Transition KW Blog are very active and continuously bringing you updates on our upcoming events and interesting posts related with environmental issues at local level.
  • Events, festivals: TransitionKW actively participated in many festivals and events such as the Eco-fest, Cycle for Sustainability, the Animate the Trail, Defend our Climate protests, Waterloo Region Against Line 9, etc. We also contributed to workshops (What Drives Your Community Action in KW) and forums (1st Annual Ontario Climate Consortium Climate Research, Environmental Networking Forum in Kitchener City Hall).

So, as you see, TransitionKW had a pretty busy year, full of projects, but we really hope that next year 2014 will be even busier for us (this is what we really like to do!).

Happy holydays to everyone!!

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