Repair Cafe Follow-up – Toaster!

At our first repair cafe, Wendy and Shirley brought in a pop-up toaster, a model from the 1930s, where the toast pops up according to a mechanical timer. The ladies first brought in one broken toaster, and John decided to help them out, but was having a lot of difficulty figuring it out. So Wendy and Shirley went home to grab the working version of that toaster, but on the way, it broke also! Now John had two toasters on his hands.

John wasn’t able to repair them on the day of, but was interested enough in the project that he brought them home. It was a couple of months, but eventually one toaster was fixed! I asked Wendy and Shirley if they were worried because it was taking so long, but they said they weren’t bothered, that it was better that it was being fixed than sitting around and not being used!

Wendy, Shirley, John and Toaster

Wendy, Shirley, John and Toaster

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