A Tour of Outdoor Ovens in KW

Here’s a summary of our most recent meeting by Josh Morel:

We planned a tour of three outdoor ovens on Sunday February 3rd. These included a private one and two community ones.

We began our tour at our member Alfred’s house. He had built a cob oven a long time ago along with a sheet metal roof to protect it from rain and snow. The oven was fired up when we visited, and with the door open, it provided warmth in the cold weather. The oven had been used to bake bread, pitas, and pizzas, and a turkey was even roasted in it! We also observed Alfred’s snow hut. It was created out of snow that gathered in his yard this year.

Then we visited the Joseph Schneider Haus. Local historian Joanna Rickert Hall agreed to show us the oven there and provide information of its use. As we waited for her to arrive, we had a chance to see the fiber art exhibit, and it was interesting. The oven there was large, enclosed, and made with brick. It shared its space with a smokehouse and dehydrator. Joanna was an engaging speaker, capturing our attention with a range of pieces on local history.

The Working Centre’s oven at the Queens Green was the last one in our tour. It was an open air brick oven with a chimney and wooden roof. More information on the building process is available here: http://www.theworkingcentre.org/sites/default/files/bake-oven-handbook.pdf

We ended the day at Alfred’s house. We indulged in pizza, muffins, cookies, coffee, and wild cherry wine as we discussed our observations from the tour.

The next step is to find a partnering community group with land. We explored five possibilities:

  1. The Guelph Street community garden
  2. The Central Frederick community garden
  3. The Willow Green community garden
  4. The K-W Multicultural Centre’s garden
  5. A private house

We’ll follow-up with the groups and try to arrange meetings with representatives in April.

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  • Yvonne

    Love the idea of a bread/pizza oven. Would like to learn how to make one for my own home.