Attendees of Connect KW - Photo courtesy of Laurel Russworm

Attendees of Connect KW – Photo courtesy of Laurel Russworm

On Saturday, KW residents got together to discuss what we want to see happen in the 2015 election and beyond. This was part of’s national event to get community members’ feedback on their plan for action ahead of the 2015 federal election. We also discussed our longer term vision past the 2015 election in the areas of climate justice, fair economy and open democracy.

Here is some of what our community came up with for longer term visions:

Open Democracy – Create a dedicated agency (non-political) that guarantees new Canadians and lower-income voters access to information and voting; return per-vote subsidy to make voters important to parties; town hall meetings and direct democracy

Climate Justice – major divestment from oil; protection for wild ecosystems; renewable energy investment; move to a carbon-free economy

Fair Economy – global standards for wages; minimum wage above poverty line; guaranteed housing; sharing economy

And if you’re interested in what is all about, there will be more coming out from them as we move into the summer and move forward into planning and organizing around the 2015 federal election.

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