Are you ready to take action?

This is the event you’ve been waiting for! You’ve been reading about the progress of our Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit over the past year on this blog and probably feeling like it will never be done – I know I have felt that way at points. We certainly never would have made it this far without our excellent volunteer team and our wonderful sponsors: the Region’s Community Environmental Fund and the City of Kitchener. But the wait is over! The toolkit is done, our related website is ready to launch, and you are invited to celebrate with us!

Next Saturday the 29th at 1:30pm at Kitchener City Hall join us to launch the toolkit and begin a summer of resilience building action! The event features David Roewade, Sustainability Planner for the Region of Waterloo, speaking about climate change impacts, a panel of local experts to answer your questions about ways to act and climate change, and the Organic Groove drumming group.

I know you are saying: “Wait, I want this event to feature me too!” Well, you are in luck – there is a place for you! We will be looking for our audience to share brief stories of how they have built (or are building) personal and community resilience related to climate change impacts. For example your story could be about setting up rain barrels to capture water for your garden or it could be about how your emergency preparedness plan and kit was incredibly useful during our recent extreme weather. Your story doesn’t need to match any of those examples, just come prepared to share how you are already taking action!

If you are planning to come to our launch please RSVP here  so we can get an idea of expected numbers.

Next week I will be blogging about how the event went and where you can go to see the toolkit or get a copy of your own. Get ready to take action!

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