Hanging There to Save the Earth

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I just love the natural smell of the sun dry clothes and sheets, it just feel so good and awesome. Actually, I used to be a big fan of electronic dryer, it is convenient, and feel safe, since it seems like the high temp could kill all gem on your clothes, and feel fluffy. However, those are just myth, and turned out not true.
Since I started using the clothes line around over a year ago, have been enjoying mother-natural’s power so much ever since. Even occasional shower or rain would just bring some kind rain freshness into my clothes and bed sheets.

Just before started doing so, there are lots of concerns in my mind. And I am sure you do too.
won’t the clothes got dirty again when hanging outside?one of my concealing stopping me hanging clothes for drying is if the clothes would catch gems. While first all, as we all know natural sunshine has ultraviolet which is very efficient in the history of our earth to kill bad gems. Therefore when hanging directly under the sun, there are very little chance gem can survive considering you already throughly clean them in the first place.
Second, line your clothing line in an open place to avoid bug dropping from trees. And also can get best air flowing(aka wind), therefore not only it fasten the drying also less possible to catch bug or insects.

how efficiency as to my surprise, it is very fast, even during a November mid day with good combination of sun and wind, around 30, most of my shirts and bed sheets were dry. As the past Friday, which I hung my clothes for the first time this year, some of the shirts already dry when I finished hanging everything, which only like 10 minutes.

is it really worth the effort? absolutely, and from all reasons. Electric dryer is one of biggest energy eater in your house, from every star website even those so-called efficient dryer is about 800 watts which can light up more than 60 energy-efficient light bulbs. And also the dryer is probably dirtier than you thought it would be. The hot air could make it the warm bed for gems and bad bacteria, and transferred to your fabric.

Our Facebook follower showed her very decent drying rack

so what now run a clothes line or more at you backyard, you don’t even need to buy those fancy pre-built drying rack if you own a house with backyard, just go to some hardware store there should have some suitable cables with coating and some the to fix and secure the line. For those who live in apartment buildings or condos, check your balcony. Of course, if you are not a DIY person or handyman, you can still buy drying racks like our friend Ruth did, but I do recommend those stronger built ones with certain weight base, so not easy to knocked off. Besides Ontario power authority is offering coupon for clothesline kits. For more detail, you can check and download coupons on save on energy.

Anything to be cautious about?
First as different fabrics will react differently under different circumstances. For those animal related fabrics, like wool and silk, you might not want to put them directly under the sun, but somewhere or too hot but good air flowing, therefore maybe consider have addition line or rack for those materials. Same to synthetics like some sports wear or so, which are not naturally existent, might not be suitable for the sun.
Second, some the communities, especial some of those fancy suburbs, have a clothesline is against their policy, then you might only be able to do it with smaller scales or build or buy several drying rack for semi outdoor space instead. Therefore please check out your neighbors and you might reconsider about hang your underwear outdoor.
Third, there might have slight chance to get dirt from the air or bird, which is why hanging your clothes in place with good air flows.

Therefore, go lineup a clothes line and enjoy the drops of the golden sun though your daily clothes. For more useful tips how to reduce your environment impact and adopt climate changes please check TransitionKW Toolkit project at http://toolkit.transitionkw.com.


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