Have a Earth Day Resolution

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As widely knowledge, today is Earth day,. it is actually cool to have earth day right after Easter, which itself means rebirth/ new start. So I was thinking, maybe we could have a new earth day resolution.

climate change Adaptation toolkit offers hundreds of tips and actions for you to choose for your earth day resolution

I was just reading the TransitionKW climate Change toolkit during the Easter weekend, as the spring and summer warms up, lots of the action I can apply to my life. I could enjoy the fresh air by walking to school or biking on trails, get nutrition from the sun and earth by Gardening and local market, dry your clothes by hanging outdoor, Open my windows and turn off the heating/AC, go out door instead of stuck home watching TV.
Of course, saving the planet shouldn’t be just for spring and summer, it is full year around job. During the long winter of Canada, we could still just turn down temperature of the thermostats and wear a sweeter instead of t-shirt, put good enough insulation around your house. Our friend REEP is a great place to get resources and information on that. Unlike spring and summer, during the winter, try not get out the house, some times might be a better idea. Or try to use public transit system instead of driving. Reduce your trip times and make everything more efficient. Winter time is also greet time to check all your applications, make sure everything works efficiently and smoothly, if not, try to get them fixed or update to better energy-efficient ones. Natural Resources Canada website provide guide on how to choose new appliances and recycling old ones.

Those are just tip of the iceberg of those what we can do to fight and adopt climate change, hundreds of new and old ideas and tips can be found from our toolkit as well as other resources from our communities. This earth day, choose some of the actions as your goal for the whole year until next earth day, see how your little steps could make a impact to our earth.
Also please joining our earth day event this Saturday at Huron Natural Area 1pm-4pm. for more information.

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