Cob Oven Construction at Silver Lake Mennonite Camp

For the past two weekends, members from our group went to Silver Lake Mennonite Camp to re-build the existing cob oven there. This was being used to bake bread, pizza, and other delicious food.  We enjoyed our time there! The staff welcomed us to enjoy the site.

Here are pictures of the build process:

  1. We refilled the inside of the pre-existing stone structure with gravel and sand. The mixture acts as a barrier against moisture from the ground.TransitionKW-cob oven_O1
  2. We laid down a layer with bricks to form the surface of the oven base.TransitionKW-Cob Oven_O2
  3. We created the volume of the oven with sand. Then we covered it with newspaper strips dipped in water.TransitionKW-Cob Oven_O4
    TransitionKW-Cob Oven_O5
    TransitionKW-Cob Oven_O6
  4. We added a layer of sand and clay four inches thick to create the first structural part of the oven.IMG_7012
    TransitionKW-Cob Oven_O7
  5. The last layer to go on consisted of cob in the true sense of the word – sand, clay and straw. It was six inches thick.  The fun part was mixing everything!


TransitionKW-Cob Oven_1O

 TransitionKW-Cob Oven_11

 The last layer of lime still needs to be placed on top of the cob. This will protect the oven from moisture as well as invasive species.

Below is the result of two weekends of hard work.

TransitionKW-Cob Oven_Final

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