New Thinking of our Food

I still remember last year, when I first discover Transition is from their Movie night: Dive, which is a movie about food waste from grocery stores and general food industry. A year, later, Transition Movement in Kitchener-Waterloo has been impact so many people’s life include mine. In the past Wednesday, we got chance to show another movie call FRESH, which led us to have new thinking about what we have been eating.

Annie From our Gardening Group as the Facilitator

The Message of this movie not only tells the truth on how most of the food system has been run, the movie also focused on several individuals on how they try to live a more sustainable life with the way they produce or consume food as a examples. As last month the regional ecofest’s theme, “one step a time”, if we just take a small step, it could make a huge impact.
As powerful as the movie itself, the discussion after the screening is also wonderful, we get two guest speakers Prof Steffanie Scot from Waterloo Region Food system Roundtable  and TransitionKW alumni and blogger Jon Spee talked about how we as local communities can eat and live more sustainable. Jon Spee even use himself as example on the step by step changes he has been doing for resilient community life style. For more of his information , please check his website/blog: He also introduced a book “The Third Plate”  which “…proposes a new definition for ethical and delicious eating”.

After the speakers, the crowd talked about and shared local information:

Thanks to Foodlink Waterloo Region for giving us Buy Local Buy Fresh 2014 maps to give away.


About Alex Long

Alex is an engineer in materials science, who has been involved with alternative energy and pollution treatment. In spare time, Alex is also a cook and baker, utilizing local and natural ingredients to make healthy and delicious food.
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