Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit: Action Check-in

You may remember when our toolkit launched three months ago that we challenged you to take on three actions (of your choice!). The time has come to check in on how we did (or are doing) to complete those goals! My three goal actions are copied below:

1. Invest in Alternative Energy (I keep telling myself I will join CREW – but now I will really have to!)
2. Assemble a Household Emergency Kit (again, long overdue!)
3. Plant a vegetable garden instead of a lawn (I only have a balcony, but I intend to plant tomatoes, herbs and peas this year)

It has been a very busy three months for me. But I must say, having made these goals, they definitely were in the back of my mind for most of it (particularly #1). I hope you managed to keep them in mind too, however successful you were at achieving them. Now, without further ado, I will own up to my progress:
1. I have joined CREW and I put thought and research into joining the LIFE co-op . LIFE coop invests in solar projects in Ontario and seems to be exactly the way I can invest in alternative energy given that I live in an apartment. I also had a month of unemployment in the last three months which has hampered my ability to mobilize funds to invest. The plan, barring more unforeseen circumstances, is to invest a small amount after my next paycheck. Result: Action taken! More action to come!
2. This has been less of a success. I did do some inventory of what I do have (lots of flashlights! -Some water purification tablets – etc). I also reminded myself where they all were located. I did not, however write a list of things I should acquire (or get them), or resources that might be useful outside my apartment. Result: This is still a work in progress
3. So, given the very long winter, a pest that I traced to one of my houseplants, and a series of incidents involving a plant sitter not watering AND over watering, my balcony garden had a challenging start this spring. However! Though it took three rounds of seedlings of tomatoes the ones I do have are thriving now and I have 5 green tomatoes visible now, with plenty more flowers still there. I have some basil growing that is just starting to get large enough to be useful, and some scraggly lavender that is struggling. I also have 5 pea plants – though the tallest of them have run out of trellis and I haven’t managed to construct a work around yet – thus they took a beating in the wind yesterday/this morning. Overall, this has been my most fulfilling and successful goal. Result: Action taken! Pizza with basil and tomatoes to come!
Now it is your turn. How’d you do to tackle your goals? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you, even if you are still struggling with some (like me!).

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