Garden Group – First harvest!


This summer weather has been gorgeous for gardening. With lots of rain and sun our plants have been growing beautifully.  Apart from a disease in our tomatoes, most likely a Septoria leaf spot infection, all the other plants are big and healthy. In fact, last weekend we had our first big harvest of the season. As you can see in the pictures, we got cabbages, carrots, peppers, eggplants, kohlrabi, lettuce and Swiss chard.


We don’t have experience with harvesting as we are mostly first time gardeners. We had to find the best way to harvest each of our plants and sometimes guess if the produce was ready to be harvested or not. The internet armed us with some tips, for example: cut the kohlrabi bulb once it has reached 3 inches in diameter. Tasting experience should prove invaluable for future efforts.


As we said in our first post, our intention was to donate most of our harvest to local charity organizations. While sorting out logistics, we wondered if perhaps this idea was too ambitious for new (and car-free) gardeners. In the end, we worked it out and got our harvest to a local group that provides food and shelter to those without. It was a win-win, as in our opinion, sharing food makes gardening a more positive experience.

Josh & Angel


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