Be Part of the Hidden Stories Project

TransitionKW would like to collect hidden stories from those in our community who know about how to live life with less fossil fuels. How do people live while reducing dependence on gas to get us around. From immigrants from developing countries, to the elderly, to young people with imaginations – all of them have stories to tell about how we can live life that will fight climate change and peak oil, at the same time we build up a stronger and more resilient community.
We would like to collect these stories as part of a multimedia project, the technicalities of which have not been determined. We’re hoping to gather a group of volunteers who want to learn about making film/photography/audio, and are passionate about community and the environment and collecting stories. We will be collaborating with the Queen Street Commons Studio on their Hidden Stories project, who will be helping with conceptual design and using film making equipment. If you would like to join us, please get in touch with us via the comments below.
We are aiming to set up a startup meeting in the next few weeks, and a time will be determined based on people’s schedules.

About Sylvie Spraakman

Environmental engineer, environmental activist, and community volunteer. Loves KW!
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  • I’d love to help! I’m a videographer and director at Tamarack: An Institute for Community Engagement. Let me know if I can help.