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“Peace on earth is going to take a lot of work, but when I see each of you …., I feel easier in my soul. See you in Transition working groups, KW.”

Our Facilitator Sylvie and Canada Green Party leader Elizabeth May at the NYC Rally!

As the UN having their Summit for Climate Change in its NYC headquarter, people on the whole earth come together to join the People’s Climate Change March to draw the awareness of the Climate and environment issues. When “hundreds of thousands” world citizens, including our core group facilitator Sylvie (read her post) and UN secretary Ban Ki-Moon, went together march for leaders of the world to raise their involvement in those issue which will affect generations to generations, local citizens from Waterloo region also walked together to support those in New York.

Louisette Lulu Lanteigne, organized the Waterloo March within two weeks.

Within 2 weeks of preparation, our local rally draws around 200 local environmentalist and social activists’ participation.Local initiatives and organizations like TransitionKW, REEP and CREW etc. joined the force and represented how we have been doing fighting climate change in different ways. Our transition families leader Dylan represented and introduced TransitionKW at the rally.

As a part of global movement, people’s Climate March has been one of the biggest rally in

Dylan Siebert spoke for TransitionKW at March in Waterloo, and introduce our Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit to participators

history of NYC and the whole world, since climate change has been affect everyone on the earth. Extreme weather events from small area flooding to tsunami, or climate from long cold winter to unusual summer, are just tips of the iceberg on the impact of climate-change’s butterfly effect. Considering climate change also will change and damage the ecosystem locally and globally, the impacts are way more than just a hotter summer or colder winter, it will actually result resource crisis. And Resource crisis will unavoidably cause wars and violation to human rights.
On the same day of Global peace day, the march for awareness of Climate change therefore is more than just an environmentalist movement, but also a call for peace, an peace on Earth. At Dylan speech(read below) for TransitionKW, he said “Peace on earth is going to take a lot of work, but when I see each of you out here smiling at the rain, I feel easier in my soul. See you in our working groups, KW”.

For more of this event, please visit People’s Climate March Waterloo Facebook page

Dylan Siebert‘s Speech for TransitionKW at People’s Climate March Waterloo

“I’m so glad to see each of you out here today. For me, it is so empowering to see visible evidence that we are not alone in our longing for peace in this world, justice, and sanity.WP_20140921_14_06_22_Pro
“I say ‘peace’ because what we’re really engaged in today is a struggle to end the war against nature that each of us was unwillingly born into. Nature is responding to the violence of our reckless carbon burning with the violence of climate change. It is a war we cannot hope to win.
“Thus I see a direct link between our movement today and the movement of ordinary people that ended the war in Vietnam a few decades ago. Here in Waterloo Region we’re not on the front lines of climate violence, but we know enough to say NO to further escalation. We want peace on earth, and we want it NOW.
“The best part is that peace takes creativity. It takes a gutsy, crafty, playful re-imagining of the way we do things. I’m here today on behalf of a movement for change with just this attitude, known as Transition.
“Transition is a global movement promoting grassroots, local adaptations to climate violence and its inseparable twin, fossil fuel depletion. The local chapter, Transition KW, has experienced significant growth over the past few years in membership and in new working groups, and we foresee that trend continuing as the things we’re talking about become easier and easier to see.
“TransitionKW is a networking hub that supports several autonomous working groups, all crafting KW solutions to the stuff we see in the headlines. Our gardening group introduces people to growing food and donates the results to local charities. Our Cobber group is involved in construction projects that use sustainable materials. Transition Families meets monthly for kid-friendly nature hikes. Repair café helps the community to reduce the waste of appliance and electronics. Our Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit group has put together a wonderful document detailing things you can do at home or with others to help your family prepare for the changes ahead. You can download the Toolkit for free from our website.
“If any of these working groups sound like something you could dig into, come talk to us. If you have an idea for a new working group and want our support, come talk to us. If you like practical projects and just want to shoot the breeze, come talk to us. Transition KW is growing, and we want to hear from you about where you’d like to see the movement go from here.
“Peace on earth is going to take a lot of work, but when I see each of you out here smiling at the rain, I feel easier in my soul. See you in the working groups, KW.”

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