KW Cobbers Group Update

Updates from the group have been few and far between lately. So what have we been doing?

First, we had a great success this summer in promoting a cob oven build in the Cherry Park community. We joined the Cherry Festival to present our ideas. We brought together volunteers, a cob oven model to scale, 3D images for a project, and material for a demonstration build (See picture below). Interest was high and many found the idea quite appealing. There is promise that a build could happen next year, with mention of it in the latest Cherry Park newsletter by incumbent City of Kitchener councillor Frank Etherington. Financing of the project would be made possible by the new community-grant program if a proposal were to be accepted.

CPNA-Cob Oven Fall 2014-Persp 01b

Second, we visited a number of community oven sites over the summer. Our members were involved in two pizza baking sessions at the Queen St. Community Garden. One of them was profiled in a feature by The Record. Fast cooking times and lots of fresh ingredients allowed for creative and delicious baking. Meeting and learning about other community members this casual setting was the greater attraction and they equally seemed to enjoy this aspect. Our group also travelled to Toronto to see how community ovens were used in two city parks – Christie Pitts and Dufferin Grove. The oven at Christie Pitts was made of brick while the one at Dufferin Grove was made of cob. We were too late to attend the meals, but we made connections and had interesting conversations.

We’re currently helping the Cherry Park Neighbourhood Association prepare a proposal for a cob oven in a community garden. We’re open to partner with other groups for future builds though. Please reach out if you have an idea!



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