Are you a movie maven?

TransitionKW has an interesting and enjoyable volunteer opening for someone who knows and enjoys movies.

Tracey, who is involved in a number of initiatives, is looking for her replacement after two-plus years as Movie Night Coordinator. She described her time in the role as rewarding, especially the great connections she made with other groups. She also enjoyed researching environmental movies and bringing people together for viewing and discussion.

Now that we are part of Ecofilms Waterloo (together with REEP, A/J, CREW, rare, GRFF and MC3), the role is much less demanding than when Tracey started. TransitionKW now has three or four movie nights a year as compared to ten. But, there is still lots of variety to keep things interesting.

The Movie Night Coordinator is involved in: finding and securing films that meet with the ethos of the group,monthly meetings with Ecofilms group, scheduling the date for the movie, arranging for facilitator and/or guest speakers, directing promotion of the event, setting up Eventbrite for registration and ensuring that the evening runs smoothly.

Movie Night is an important vehicle for TransitionKW for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it is where many of our members first became involved. In addition, it has helped us to develop relationships with other environmental groups in the region.

Two films are already in the works for the spring and Tracey will be there to help during the transition (no pun intended). If Movie Night Coordinator sounds like a good and fun fit for you, you can contact Tracey at

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