Becoming a Not-for-Profit

Over the past year, we have been having in-the-background conversations about whether or not to formalize our organization more, and what would be the best way to do that. We are growing as an organization, in terms of the number of volunteers as well as the number of working groups and initiatives. We have decided that a little more structure would go a long way to getting us to a bigger and better place in the long term, and maybe even one day, help other smaller groups achieve new and interesting goals.

And with that is an announcement: we have applied to the Government of Ontario to become an official not-for-profit organization. Yay! This is what we think it will help with going forward:

  • applying for grants
  • recruiting volunteers from the KW Volunteer Action Centre
  • getting an organizational structure that’s accountable to members

What we’re hoping to do next is:

  • hold our first Annual General Meeting (date and location TBA, but tentatively mark your calendars for February 7) – and at this AGM approve our constitution and by-laws
  • introduce a membership structure (more on this in a future blog post as we figure it out)
  • start getting funds to pay for day-to-day things, like printing and booth rental at events and a fee to the Volunteer Action Centre
  • start a bank account to keep these funds in

And that’s just the formal organizational part of what we’re going to do next – what we’re really going to do next, in terms of building a resilient KW, is up to all the followers, volunteers and members of TransitionKW. Becoming a not-for-profit should make it easier for all of us to work on the on-the-ground stuff, knowing that the background stuff is being taken care of by people we trust (and who you can meet at our AGM).

If you’re interested in knowing more, please get in touch with us, or come to our holiday party this Thursday, or come to our AGM in February. We will be sending out a notice with AGM materials to our newsletter list, and announcing it on our social media presence.

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Environmental engineer, environmental activist, and community volunteer. Loves KW!
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