Forget earthday resolutions! Stand up and take actions for our Earth

Last Year, I wrote a blog post about a Earth Day resolution for the whole year from earthday2014 to Earth Day 2015. (Check HERE to read it again.) This Earth day, looking back for the past year, how much of this resolution have you archived?
As the word “resolution”, sometimes, it is just a wish list of things people could try hard in first two weeks, and then forget about them for the rest of year. While our ecosystem hasn’t forgotten a single detail of the butterfly effect of the human impacts to our environment. If we could stop sitting there thinking the issues, we might just stand up for some actions.
Therefore this year, I would like to ask all who cares about our earth to standup and take the actions, one step at a time. As Earth Day is simply a reminder for us the importance of the environment, and we should not just today, but every single day to celebrate and protect the mother natural resources.
But how? that is a very good question, since most of us are not environmentalist like David Suzuki, publics very often are lack of the background knowledge on how to protect our environment through daily living. Good news is due to the awareness of those issues, more and more initiative and groups that offer educational materials for public to access the general information on topic like climate change , Natural resources, and energy consuming, etc. And most of them are free over the magic of internet. Of course TranstionKW Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit is just one of the very example for that. One year after its initial release, our toolkit has been download and view globally, including the attention from environment Canada and UN Framework for Climate Change. Our friendss like REEP and CREW are also great local organizations that provide free workshop on taking steps on sustainable living.
Therefore, no more excuses, just take the actions, either choose the ones you feel most comfortable or try the ones that might be challenging for you, this way we could all make everyday a earth day!

About Alex Long

Alex is an engineer in materials science, who has been involved with alternative energy and pollution treatment. In spare time, Alex is also a cook and baker, utilizing local and natural ingredients to make healthy and delicious food.
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