TransitionKW Refocusing

Dear members, volunteers and supporters of TransitionKW

At this past month’s core group meeting we identified a need for re-engaging the core of our Transition Group. We need to focus on our priorities and act as a unified group once more. It’s been a challenging few months for our group, but with your help we ‘will’ regain our momentum. We need to determine what each of us can contribute to TransitionKW.

We ask that as many Transitioners as possible come out to the next core group meeting –June 18th @7PM KPL Central Library Meeting Room A – to determine our priorities and recommit as individuals and as a group to actions. Bring any and all ideas you have for improvement to group functioning that you can actively be involved in without spreading us too thin to the table for discussion. If you are unable to attend, please send us your thoughts or indicate your desire to be a part of TransitionKW

by simply acknowledging receipt of this email. For those of you able to make it, we plan to decamp for a drink afterwards as well. We would like to know how many active members to expect, so please reply to let us know if you will be coming.

Have good day, and see you at the meeting.

Transition KW Core group

About Alex Long

Alex is an engineer in materials science, who has been involved with alternative energy and pollution treatment. In spare time, Alex is also a cook and baker, utilizing local and natural ingredients to make healthy and delicious food.
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