Winter Meeting at the Mill Courtland Community Centre

During the construction of cob ovens in the Mill Courtland and Cherry Park neighbourhoods, we heard that more neighbourhoods might like to collaborate with us. We met with community members from these neighbourhoods in the fall of last year to share information with them and reply to their questions. We planned to meet again in the winter to gather their thoughts about future builds and explore ideas.

We asked the Highland-Stirling Community Group if we could hold the meeting at the Mill Courtland Community Centre. We thought it might be exciting for community members to see a cob oven fired up. We were invited to have the meeting there, and thankfully, accommodations were also made for us to have a potluck indoors afterwards.

The sky was clear, and yet it was a very cold day!



Our group member Alfred was there early to begin the fire.



The wood was arranged in an interlocking pattern on two fire bricks to try and heat the interior more efficiently.



As we had imagined, the temperature of the oven needed to reach a higher point for baking.



It was interesting to see this unfold.



For all of us to stay warm, Alfred greased both the inside and the outside of a pot. Steam was created as it heated up over charcoal.



We then entered the community centre for a delicious potluck. It was the perfect end to the day.

We hope to host a field trip in the spring to see cob ovens in use for larger groups.

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