Neighbours Day at the Mill Courtland Community Centre

The cob oven at the Mill Courtland Community Centre opened to the community on Neighbours Day. The event was accompanied by music, activities, an art exhibit, and food! We baked bread and shared it with visitors throughout the day.

The morning was quiet.  Alfred lit the oven.  Julie and Lynn prepared the dough for baking.



There were two types of dough – one for pita bread and one for naan bread.



We transferred it carefully to the oven.



It was placed in front of a row of fire bricks.



We found that the naan bread was softer than the pita bread.  It was our favourite.



I sliced them into pieces for visitors to try.



We had garlic butter and strawberry jam as spreads.



Visitors were excited to be there!



The highlight for us was when City of Kitchener Mayor Berry Vrbanovic joined us.



Kirby the Kangaroo then visited too. He seemed to be hungry.



We gathered for a group photo with the mayor. Thank you to the City of Kitchener for organizing this day.



Also thank you to all the volunteers from the Highland Stirling Community Group, the Mill-Courtland Neighbourhood Association, and the Cedar Hill Community Group! This event couldn’t have happened without you and the staff at the Mill Courtland Community Centre.


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