Get Involved

Ways to Get Involved in the Transition Movement Throughout Kitchener-Waterloo!

  • Sign up for our mailing list! This is a great, easy way to follow along with what’s going on in the Transition Movement across the city, and gives you access to our discussion forum where you and other members of the Transition Movement share experiences.
  • Check out our Initiatives page – where all our latest projects are described, and any volunteer roles are listed.
  • Join our Facebook group or follow us on Twitter! If you have Facebook, this is one of the easiest ways to show your support for the movement and get updates on everything TransitionKW is involved in.
  • Come out to TransitionKW events! Check out our Events page to keep up-to-date on the latest events TransitionKW is hosting
  • Send us your ideas! Contact us at resilientcommunities [at] transitionkw [dot] ca

Ways to Get Involved in the Transition Movement in Your Neighbourhood!

  • Get to know your neighbours! Go out and meet the people in your neighbourhood and let them know you’re interested in contributing to a positive, sustainable community.
  • Invite friends and neighbours to a film showing! Check out our Resource page here for films about the Transition Movement that you can show or find your own topical films. Host a potluck around the film showing and facilitate some discussion before and after to engage people.
  • Facilitate a “Conversation Café“! A conversation café is a structured discussion that allows everyone who attends to speak their minds on a given topic, making for great, in-depth consideration of an issue with thoughts from a broad range of backgrounds.
  • Hold an “Open Space” event! This is a lot less structured than a conversation café, and can be a great jumping-off point to mix and mingle with your neighbours to get a sense for what’s important for your community and how to proceed. Even something as simple as meeting up for coffee can lead to great things!

Keep in mind, if you do host an event in your neighbourhood, let us know. We’ll do our best to get you the resources you need to make it a success!

  • Diana

    Just noticed I missed your most recent meeting. Do you have a date for the next one? Thanks!

    • Hi Diana! Our meetings are the third Thursday of every month, 7pm, at the LSPIRG office at 165 Albert Street (unless we have to change the location for some reason, but we will let the mailing list know of that). All of our events are on the events calendar on this website, and if you want, you could subscribe to that calendar and have it synced to whatever device or email account you like. Too bad we missed you!

  • Al Gore is helping lead a Climate Reality Leadership training program this summer – 3 days in Chicago. Anyone interested?