KW Cobbers

Welcome to our page! We’re a group with an interest in natural building located in the Kitchener-Waterloo area. We formed our initiative after a TransitionKW movie night in 2013. The movie “First Earth” showed the use of cob around the world. This sustainable resource is made from soil, sand, clay, water, and/or straw.

In the past two years, we re-built a cob oven at Silver Lake Mennonite Camp, we hosted a pizza baking session at the Queens Green Community Garden, and we helped to build cob ovens in two Kitchener neighbourhoods – Mill-Courtland and Cherry Park.

Please continue to visit this page for updates and sign up for the TransitionKW newsletter to learn how you can be involved.

DIY Festival @ KPL – Autumn 2016

This year we were part of Kitchener Public Library’s DIY Festival. Many local businesses, guilds and community organizations got together to demonstrate how we could do things ourselves, from brewing beer to growing sprouts, knitting, and creating home remedies. We featured a small-scale cob oven. Our terrific volunteers @ KPL … Continue reading

Neighbours Day at the Mill Courtland Community Centre

The cob oven at the Mill Courtland Community Centre opened to the community on Neighbours Day. The event was accompanied by music, activities, an art exhibit, and food! We baked bread and shared it with visitors throughout the day. The morning was quiet.  Alfred lit the oven.  Julie and Lynn … Continue reading

CAFKA Build Day

We met in Victoria Park at the beginning of the month for CAFKA – Contemporary Art Forum, Kitchener + Area. Artist Meghan Harder had built shelters on the island for her exhibit The Civilization of the Wild.   We added to this exhibit by building a model cob oven. Our … Continue reading

CAFKA Preparation and More

  In the spring, our group member Alfred had an opportunity to meet artist Meghan Harder. With our shared interest in sustainability, she invited us to join her in developing an exhibit for CAFKA – Contemporary Art Forum, Kitchener + Area. We were inspired to build a cob oven during … Continue reading

Winter Meeting at the Mill Courtland Community Centre

During the construction of cob ovens in the Mill Courtland and Cherry Park neighbourhoods, we heard that more neighbourhoods might like to collaborate with us. We met with community members from these neighbourhoods in the fall of last year to share information with them and reply to their questions. We … Continue reading

Cob Oven Opening Celebration at the Willow Green Community Garden

Thankfully, we had mild weather on October 31st, and Halloween was far from our minds. We gathered on this day with sponsors and community members alike to celebrate the opening of the cob oven in the Cherry Park neighbourhood. It stands in an extension of the Willow Green community garden. … Continue reading

Cob Oven Construction at the Willow Green Community Garden

As we contacted community groups to see if they were interested in pursuing a project with us, we discovered an evident interest in natural building for both the purposes of sustainability and community development. However, the majority of community groups weren’t prepared to invest in this type of project for … Continue reading

Cob Oven Construction at the Mill Courtland Community Centre

This year we had the opportunity to help build cob ovens in two locations. The first one was at the Mill Courtland Community Centre in Kitchener. The Highland-Stirling Community Group steered the project with financial support from the Mennonite Savings and Credit Union. Members from our group and the Highland-Stirling … Continue reading

KW Cobbers Group Update

Updates from the group have been few and far between lately. So what have we been doing? First, we had a great success this summer in promoting a cob oven build in the Cherry Park community. We joined the Cherry Festival to present our ideas. We brought together volunteers, a … Continue reading

Article in The Record: The best pizza is cooked here

Our active KW Cobbers have made it into the local paper, The Record. The group was formed last winter after a showing of the film First Earth, and they have since built a cob oven at the Silver Lake Mennonite Camp. They’re currently looking for locations for cob building, and … Continue reading