Repair Cafe


Along with KWArtzLab, TransitionKW is going to host RC-LogoSquarea Repair Cafe, based off the model developed by the Repair Cafe organization in the Netherlands (more info on them here).

Western society revolves around consumption, and we buy more things and then throw them out when they cease to work. Many things get thrown out that can be easily fixed, but few people have the knowledge or expertise to fix them. There are some of these people left though – people with skills to fix things – and we hope to bring those people out to the wider community to teach us new things – through this Repair Cafe.

Repair Cafe teaches people to see their possessions in a new light, to appreciate them more, and to show people how easy and fun repairing things can be.

Here is local media coverage of KW repaircafe
KitchenerPost report:

Waterloo Region Record :

Come this April for our special event collaborated with Kitchener Public Library and Kwartzlab

if you want be a volunteer for our RepairCafe this April , please sign up Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on

Our regular Repaircafe 2Kwartzlab April 23th

More repair cafes to be announced on our blog and newsletter – stay tuned!

  • Daniel

    Hi I’m not sure if this is this is the correct place to post this but I am trying to determine if I would be able to fix a broke skull candy headset at the repair cafe being held in Kitchener on January 25. Please let me know if you think this will be possible.


    • Hi Daniel! Sure! It’s hard to say whether it can be repaired without looking at it, so bring it in and our repairers will give it a shot. No guarantees, but we can generally do electronics, so it’s not out of the realm of what we can deal with.

  • pat Newport

    Hi, I have a carpet shampooer in good shape but I broke the seal by lifting it by the handle. Would this be repairable at this facility? Please let me know if this is possible, thank you, Pat

    • In theory, yes, but we’ll need to look at it before we know for sure. If we don’t have the parts, we can let you know what to get and how to do it yourself. So bring it by!