Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit

How can we be more resilient to climate change? What can we expect in Waterloo Region under climate change conditions? What are things that individuals and communities can do to prepare? These are the questions we hope to answer with our newly launched Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit.

The toolkit is complete! Please check out to find a copy of the toolkit! We need to still do more work to get this project out into the public, and are always looking for volunteers to help us with that – so contact toolkit [at] transitionkw [dot] com to get involved.

Our next steps are to start delivering a workshop to community groups – thinking right now of faith communities and neighbourhood associations. We have developed the material for the workshop, and are looking for groups to deliver this to.

Some background on the project:

Global climate change will bring disturbances and change at the local, regional, and global levels of society. A variety of strategies for adapting to and mitigating global climate change impacts will be needed for our society to manage and thrive through these changes. TransitionKW spent the last year learning from the community and disseminating information on climate change adaptation in the form of a “toolkit”. We will work with the community to learn how we can improve our capacity for resilience and identify the gaps in emergency preparedness. At the same time, we will consult with experts in climate change adaptation and resilience to learn what is needed for this specific geographic and climatic region. Putting together information from community members and experts (by leading focus groups), our end product is a climate change adaptation toolkit (in printed and PDF formats) – something that individuals and community members can learn from, use, and apply to their individual situation.