Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit: Action Check-in

You may remember when our toolkit launched three months ago that we challenged you to take on three actions (of your choice!). The time has come to check in on how we did (or are doing) to complete those goals! My three goal actions are copied below: 1. Invest in … Continue reading

Have a Earth Day Resolution

This article will be posted on @lex long’s personal blog as well. As widely knowledge, today is Earth day,. it is actually cool to have earth day right after Easter, which itself means rebirth/ new start. So I was thinking, maybe we could have a new earth day resolution. I … Continue reading

Hanging There to Save the Earth

This is also posted on Alex Long’s personal blog under title of “Ray is Drop of Golden Sun“. I just love the natural smell of the sun dry clothes and sheets, it just feel so good and awesome. Actually, I used to be a big fan of electronic dryer, it … Continue reading

What did you do for Earth Hour?

Earth hour, when lights are turned off for an hour as a symbolic acknowledgement of your care for/impact on the plant, has always struck me as kind of a cop-out. You make a big deal of your action one day a year, but over all you don’t change your habits … Continue reading

From Cloth Diapering to Resiliency

10 years ago, I lived life without thinking much about the environment. When I became pregnant with my son around that time, I started thinking about how I would keep him safe and healthy. It started with diapers. It didn’t take much investigating to learn about all the bleach and … Continue reading

TransitionKW 2013 recap

Does it happen to you that you are working on a project and you feel like you’re not progressing fast enough? Well, it does happen to me, and in those cases it’s always a good idea to stop and acknowledge the goals that you already have achieved. That’s why I … Continue reading

Motivating Yourself to Act

“What is your motivation for engaging in Climate Change research in Ontario?” This was one of the questions posed to the participants in the First Annual Ontario Climate Consortium Climate Research Symposium held in Toronto last week. The room was filled with an excellent mix of academics, individuals representing all … Continue reading

Announcing a new initiative: climate change adaptation toolkit

TransitionKW is announcing that we have received grant funding from the Region of Waterloo for our proposal to create a climate change adaptation toolkit for individuals and communities. These are the questions we’re hoping to answer through this project: What will climate change do to energy, infrastructure, food, water and … Continue reading