Winter Meeting at the Mill Courtland Community Centre

During the construction of cob ovens in the Mill Courtland and Cherry Park neighbourhoods, we heard that more neighbourhoods might like to collaborate with us. We met with community members from these neighbourhoods in the fall of last year to share information with them and reply to their questions. We … Continue reading

Cob Oven Construction at the Willow Green Community Garden

As we contacted community groups to see if they were interested in pursuing a project with us, we discovered an evident interest in natural building for both the purposes of sustainability and community development. However, the majority of community groups weren’t prepared to invest in this type of project for … Continue reading

Cob Oven Construction at the Mill Courtland Community Centre

This year we had the opportunity to help build cob ovens in two locations. The first one was at the Mill Courtland Community Centre in Kitchener. The Highland-Stirling Community Group steered the project with financial support from the Mennonite Savings and Credit Union. Members from our group and the Highland-Stirling … Continue reading

Cob Oven Construction at Silver Lake Mennonite Camp

For the past two weekends, members from our group went to Silver Lake Mennonite Camp to re-build the existing cob oven there. This was being used to bake bread, pizza, and other delicious food.  We enjoyed our time there! The staff welcomed us to enjoy the site. Here are pictures … Continue reading

A Tour of Outdoor Ovens in KW

Here’s a summary of our most recent meeting by Josh Morel: We planned a tour of three outdoor ovens on Sunday February 3rd. These included a private one and two community ones. We began our tour at our member Alfred’s house. He had built a cob oven a long time … Continue reading

First Earth Movie Night

Natural building as a means of addressing environmental issues and community building was the subject of our October movie night. We presented “First Earth” at the REEP House on Wednesday night to a crowd of 20 folks, many of whom agreed afterwards that they wanted to get out there and … Continue reading