Have a Earth Day Resolution

This article will be posted on @lex long’s personal blog as well. As widely knowledge, today is Earth day,. it is actually cool to have earth day right after Easter, which itself means rebirth/ new start. So I was thinking, maybe we could have a new earth day resolution. I … Continue reading

Hanging There to Save the Earth

This is also posted on Alex Long’s personal blog under title of “Ray is Drop of Golden Sun“. I just love the natural smell of the sun dry clothes and sheets, it just feel so good and awesome. Actually, I used to be a big fan of electronic dryer, it … Continue reading

Technology is not energy

A few weeks ago I attended a public lecture at the University of Waterloo titled “Where did all the oil come from?” by Professor Maurice B. Dusseault and Stephen G. Evans, Faculty Members of the Department of Earth and Environmental Science. I do not want to go into details, but … Continue reading