Neighbours Day at the Mill Courtland Community Centre

The cob oven at the Mill Courtland Community Centre opened to the community on Neighbours Day. The event was accompanied by music, activities, an art exhibit, and food! We baked bread and shared it with visitors throughout the day. The morning was quiet.  Alfred lit the oven.  Julie and Lynn … Continue reading

CAFKA Preparation and More

  In the spring, our group member Alfred had an opportunity to meet artist Meghan Harder. With our shared interest in sustainability, she invited us to join her in developing an exhibit for CAFKA – Contemporary Art Forum, Kitchener + Area. We were inspired to build a cob oven during … Continue reading

People’s Climate Waterloo

“Peace on earth is going to take a lot of work, but when I see each of you …., I feel easier in my soul. See you in Transition working groups, KW.” As the UN having their Summit for Climate Change in its NYC headquarter, people on the whole earth come … Continue reading

People’s Climate Summit in NYC

I made the trip to NYC this past weekend, because I wanted to be part of the biggest climate march ever, and I wanted to be part of telling our world leaders that action on climate change has to happen now. It was so empowering to be there – I … Continue reading

What did you do for Earth Hour?

Earth hour, when lights are turned off for an hour as a symbolic acknowledgement of your care for/impact on the plant, has always struck me as kind of a cop-out. You make a big deal of your action one day a year, but over all you don’t change your habits … Continue reading

Community gardening with TransitionKW

  TransitionKW is launching a Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit at Kitchener City Hall Rotunda on Saturday, March 29th (1.30 pm). Everybody is invited to attend this event that will also be our official unleashing. If you want to come, please RSVP at And by the way, you can also … Continue reading

TransitionKW Families – Bat Hike

Last Saturday night was TransitionKW’s bat hike at the Huron Natural Area of Kitchener.  I attended with my three-year-old son and my friends’ four and six-year-old daughters.  We began the evening learning all about the types of bats that live in our part of Ontario.  While we waited for dusk … Continue reading

Shining a Light on Spiritual Activism

A Fierce Light shone on the 22 people who gathered for the second presentation in TransitionKW’s Tools of Change Movie Night trilogy at the REEP house on February 27tThe film, by media activist Velcro Ripper, spotlighted the roles of spirituality and activism in social movements. It profiles some famous personalities and common folk whose … Continue reading