Elements of Forest Living

  Take a look at the tools in the picture above. Do you know what each of them is for? Any guesses as to the ones you don’t recognize? If you had to pick only a few to take with you into an extended stay in the forest, which would … Continue reading

From Cloth Diapering to Resiliency

10 years ago, I lived life without thinking much about the environment. When I became pregnant with my son around that time, I started thinking about how I would keep him safe and healthy. It started with diapers. It didn’t take much investigating to learn about all the bleach and … Continue reading

Real Men Use Reel Mowers

I have been mowing the lawn for about 20 years.  I remember when I was first old enough to start mowing the lawn in grade four or five and how I excited I was.  I loved it!  For some funny reason that love of mowing hasn’t left me.  Now at … Continue reading

TransitionKW Families – Bat Hike

Last Saturday night was TransitionKW’s bat hike at the Huron Natural Area of Kitchener.  I attended with my three-year-old son and my friends’ four and six-year-old daughters.  We began the evening learning all about the types of bats that live in our part of Ontario.  While we waited for dusk … Continue reading