TransitionKW 2013 recap

Does it happen to you that you are working on a project and you feel like you’re not progressing fast enough? Well, it does happen to me, and in those cases it’s always a good idea to stop and acknowledge the goals that you already have achieved. That’s why I … Continue reading

Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit – October Project Update

Our small but dedicated group of toolkit creators has been really busy throughout September and October! All of September was spent getting our toolkit draft to the point where it could be presented to an audience. Our goal was to have a focus group to test a draft version of … Continue reading

Boomers and the Environment

There’s nothing left to debate about climate change.  It’s real, it’s happening now and the effects will be somewhere between bad and catastrophic. Thanks to groups like TransitionKW, more and more people are aware of the challenge facing us and are getting involved.  We know that fossil fuel companies and … Continue reading