People’s Climate Waterloo

“Peace on earth is going to take a lot of work, but when I see each of you …., I feel easier in my soul. See you in Transition working groups, KW.” As the UN having their Summit for Climate Change in its NYC headquarter, people on the whole earth come … Continue reading

Burning Water

After last week’s fantastic post which lists five reasons to reconsider the shale gas boom, I really don’t have that much to add. However, I am of the mind that science and information reporting sometimes don’t go all the way in telling a story. There is something to be said … Continue reading

Movie Nights – GASLAND

TransitionKW Movie Nights are back and on September 25 (7 pm) we’ll be hosting our first movie, GASLAND, at REEP House for Sustainable Living (20 Mill St., Kitchener). As always, you should register in advance at Eventbrite because space is limited. The cost is free but donations are welcome 😉 GASLAND … Continue reading

Cognitive dissonance and Peak Oil

A classical example of cognitive dissonance is the experiment carried out by Festinger and Carlsmith in 1959. They took a group of persons –subjects- and they were asked to work on a very dull and monotonous task. After finishing their task, a small group of these subjects was asked to … Continue reading