Garden Group – Final Harvest and Reflections

Today, I completed the final harvest in our Permaculture Garden at Willow Green. There was just a few things left at this point – eggplant and parsley. I will use the eggplant in a baba ganoush or potentially a ratatouille. Parsley, of course, is a benefit to many dishes. I … Continue reading

Permaculture Garden Group: How Does Our Garden Grow?

There is something inherently satisfying about planting your own vegetable garden. Perhaps it is a part of our DNA. Becoming farmers was the next step in our development from hunter-gather, and has helped feed us ever since. It, however, has even more meaning for TransitionKW’s Permaculture Garden Group. Sustainability, resilience … Continue reading

Gardening/Permaculture sub-group – First meeting!

  The new project of TransitionKW, the Gardening/Permaculture sub-group, had its first meeting of the new on Sunday 12, in Willow Green, which is the Community Garden of Cherry Park Neighbourhood Association. Our main objective is to learn and practice the basics of permaculture. To start with, we made a wish-list of vegetables that … Continue reading