Repair Cafe Follow-up – Toaster!

At our first repair cafe, Wendy and Shirley brought in a pop-up toaster, a model from the 1930s, where the toast pops up according to a mechanical timer. The ladies first brought in one broken toaster, and John decided to help them out, but was having a lot of difficulty … Continue reading

KW’s First Repair Cafe!

Some successful repairs were made at our Repair Cafe yesterday, and lots of people went home happy. Things were kept that would have otherwise been thrown out. We were prepared to receive electrical appliances, computers, furniture, clothing and toys – and we got a little bit of each, except actually … Continue reading

Toss it? No – Repair It!

How many people know how to take apart their toaster to repair a loose circuit? How many people can repair a zipper or button that has fallen off a jacket? In the cities of Kitchener-Waterloo, the answer is probably “not many”. The average Canadian produced 777 kg of garbage in … Continue reading