New Thinking of our Food

I still remember last year, when I first discover Transition is from their Movie night: Dive, which is a movie about food waste from grocery stores and general food industry. A year, later, Transition Movement in Kitchener-Waterloo has been impact so many people’s life include mine. In the past Wednesday, … Continue reading

TransitionKW 2013 recap

Does it happen to you that you are working on a project and you feel like you’re not progressing fast enough? Well, it does happen to me, and in those cases it’s always a good idea to stop and acknowledge the goals that you already have achieved. That’s why I … Continue reading

Burning Water

After last week’s fantastic post which lists five reasons to reconsider the shale gas boom, I really don’t have that much to add. However, I am of the mind that science and information reporting sometimes don’t go all the way in telling a story. There is something to be said … Continue reading

Crack, climate change and Canada’s accountability problem

If there’s anything to be gleaned from this week’s news cycle it may very well be that we have an accountability problem in Canada. But you probably didn’t need me to tell you that. That being said, the events unfolding on Canada’s political stage are illustrative of an attitude that … Continue reading

Dirt! The Movie Night

Last Wednesday evening, we gathered in the REEP House again for our monthly movie night, designed to help us have the tools necessary to create change in our community. We watched Dirt! The Movie, which brought us around the world to discover why dirt is important, what’s associated with that … Continue reading

The Movie and the Movement

OCCUPY LOVE How to turn the ecological and economic crises into a love story. More than 80 people gathered at the Grand River Unitarian Congregation on Monday night to watch the World’s Greatest Love Story. The film Occupy Love is the third in philosopher/filmmaker Velcro Ripper’s trilogy. TransitionKW and Sacred Secular Society … Continue reading

More ‘Tools for Change’ films added to the line up!

Hi there, TransitionKW has been busy organizing this spring’s Tools for Change movie series. These movie nights have been a lot of fun; the films have been both informative and inspiring, and the group discussions that follow speak to the huge stores of knowledge and enthusiasm that exist right here in … Continue reading

What makes you happy?

Last night, TransitionKW hosted a screening of The Economics of Happiness at the REEP House. If you weren’t able to make it out, check out the trailer below. The film itself is fantastic, chalk full of great talking-head snippets of the world’s greatest thinkers and movers in the environmental and … Continue reading

Shining a Light on Spiritual Activism

A Fierce Light shone on the 22 people who gathered for the second presentation in TransitionKW’s Tools of Change Movie Night trilogy at the REEP house on February 27tThe film, by media activist Velcro Ripper, spotlighted the roles of spirituality and activism in social movements. It profiles some famous personalities and common folk whose … Continue reading