What did you do for Earth Hour?

Earth hour, when lights are turned off for an hour as a symbolic acknowledgement of your care for/impact on the plant, has always struck me as kind of a cop-out. You make a big deal of your action one day a year, but over all you don’t change your habits … Continue reading

Last Movie Night of 2013

Our last monthly movie night was this past Wednesday, and we celebrated a series of wonderful movies and conversations. We had prizes and food, and watched and discussed Shift, a climate change documentary. We ended the evening and the series with the question: what is our vision for a shift … Continue reading

On food waste, attitudes and Paris Hilton

Last night TransitionKW screened Dive: Living off America’s Waste, the last film in this season’s Tools for Change documentary series. The movie was great, and it generated a lot of insightful post-film discussion. So much so that I’m left with little to say. I mean, I could write about a dozen … Continue reading