KW Cobbers Group Update

Updates from the group have been few and far between lately. So what have we been doing? First, we had a great success this summer in promoting a cob oven build in the Cherry Park community. We joined the Cherry Festival to present our ideas. We brought together volunteers, a … Continue reading

TransitionKW 2013 recap

Does it happen to you that you are working on a project and you feel like you’re not progressing fast enough? Well, it does happen to me, and in those cases it’s always a good idea to stop and acknowledge the goals that you already have achieved. That’s why I … Continue reading

Why Transition needs more kids.

Last Saturday, me and my Mum went to the Region of Waterloo’s Eco Fest to represent Transition KW and to have fun. I was in charge of running the crafts. There were many kids interested in making bird feeders out of milk or juice cartons. Everyone’s craft looked fantastic and … Continue reading