People’s Climate Waterloo

“Peace on earth is going to take a lot of work, but when I see each of you …., I feel easier in my soul. See you in Transition working groups, KW.” As the UN having their Summit for Climate Change in its NYC headquarter, people on the whole earth come … Continue reading

People’s Climate Summit in NYC

I made the trip to NYC this past weekend, because I wanted to be part of the biggest climate march ever, and I wanted to be part of telling our world leaders that action on climate change has to happen now. It was so empowering to be there – I … Continue reading

TransitionKW Families – Bat Hike

Last Saturday night was TransitionKW’s bat hike at the Huron Natural Area of Kitchener.  I attended with my three-year-old son and my friends’ four and six-year-old daughters.  We began the evening learning all about the types of bats that live in our part of Ontario.  While we waited for dusk … Continue reading

The Great Outdoors

My parents love the outdoors. You would think that right from childhood I had the same feeling. The truth is I distinctly remember several occasions growing up when I chose my computer over nature. Solving the mystery of where Carmen Sandiego could be travelling seemed more interesting than exploring the outdoors myself. … Continue reading